Why You Should Get Water Damage Restoration As Soon As Possible

water damage restoration

Living or working in a space that has fallen victim to water damage can be stressful. Not only can the damage be unsightly, but water damage can cause major issues that you may not realize. When it comes to water damage, it is ideal to seek out professional water damage restoration within the first 24 hours to prevent mold and more extensive damage. Working with Full Service Property Restoration can get your home or business looking brand new and feeling fresh and comfortable for you and for everyone who enters your property. Here are some things you can prevent by seeking out water damage restoration at the first sight of water damage.

Prevent Mold

Mold thrives in damp environments. When there is water damage or lingering moisture, you are sending mold an invitation to invade the space. Not only does mold create a plethora of health risks, it can cause serious damage to your property as well. By working quickly to prevent mold, you are also preventing the need for the more extensive process of mold removal.

Contaminants In The Water

When there is water entering your home or business, it is impossible to know what exactly that water has come into contact with. Raw sewage, chemicals, pollutants, and allergens can be living in the water without you even knowing it. It is important to get the matter resolved right away to prevent future illness and infection. In this case, it is especially important to avoid dealing with contaminated water and invite a professional who has the proper protective gear and training to rid your space of any potential health threats and risks.

Extensive Damage Prevention

Standing water or moisture can wreak havoc on the building materials used for your property, and can even damage your belongings that may be exposed to the high moisture levels. Some examples of extensive water damage include:

  • Warped floor boards
  • Swelling drywall and ceilings
  • Cracked foundation
  • Damaged electrical wiring
  • Weakening of building materials, causing collapse or extensive damage over time
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals within the building materials
  • Decreasing the life span of your furniture, rugs, carpet, curtains, and other textiles and personal belongings

Deter Pests

It is never fun to find a pest infestation in your residential or commercial property. Typically rodents will inhabit areas where there is moisture or water, and bugs like termites, beetles and wasps consider wet wood to be a perfect environment to lay eggs.

Avoid Health Complications

We have all heard that mold can cause problems when it comes to our health, but did you know water damage comes with its own risks as well? Not only do the contaminants cause illness and other complications, but high humidity and moisture can affect you, too. These conditions can lead to respiratory discomfort, heightened seasonal allergies, asthma attacks, and can even compromise your immune system. Bacteria and germs can cultivate in these moist environments, causing you to feel unwell and get sick.

There are no positive results that can come from leaving water damage to spread in your home. Not only will you feel better physically, but having a clean space can boost your mental health and wellbeing. We understand that water damage restoration can seem stressful, but choosing the right company to help you deal with the problem can make a world of difference. If you have experienced water damage, contact Full Service Property Restoration right away to assess the damage and leave your commercial or residential property looking and feeling as good as new.

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