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If you have endured fire and smoke damage, get the fire damage restoration process started as soon as possible with expert emergency fire smoke damage cleanup services from the professionals at Full Service Property Restoration.

Full Service Property Restoration provides professional emergency fire smoke damage restoration services to restore smoke and soot damaged properties in in Bedford, Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and the surrounding areas in Texas.

If your home or business suffers a fire, the emotions are high and the damage can be intense. Within minutes, fires can decimate entire sections of a property, causing innumerable damages. Having a trained emergency fire damage restoration team with the proper experience and equipment on sight as soon as possible, ideally with a 24 hour period, will ease your mind and get the fire damage restoration cleaning project moving quickly in the right direction. Full Service Property Restoration fire damage repair services offers a quick inspection of the scene so our professionals can get busy returning your property to its original condition after fire smoke damage. If the process begins immediately you can return your home or business to pre-fire conditions more efficiently and more cost-effectively.

Once a fire has occurred, Full Service Property Restoration will arrive on the scene promptly to assess the damage. The first step of our fire damage cleanup services is to secure the scene to prevent further residual fire damage, soot damage and to remove any dangerous and large debris and affected building materials. Our fire restoration company will seal off areas that were not damaged to protect them from possible damage or contamination while cleaning. One initial inspection point is to determine if water damage occurred with the fire, and if this is the case then Full Service Property Restoration will begin mold and water damage steps to clean the area with specialized equipment. Finally, all property will be inspected to see if it is salvageable or not, and the proper steps will be taken.

Once the area is clean and cleared of debris and secured, the qualified professionals at Full Service Property Restoration will get to work on the fire damage restoration process. With fire restoration, the entire area will be cleaned and sanitized with industrial equipment, including removing smoke odor, and soot residue from the walls and ceiling. This also includes repairing or rebuilding any structural walls or ceilings that were damaged in the fire. Fire restoration services can include repairing floors, repainting walls, and even replacing the electrical wiring in the affected areas. Full Service Property Restoration will work quickly to restore your home or business to its regular working condition, and it will seem like fires never occurred.

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With so much attention being paid to the burned building structure or ruined furniture, you may not realize that smoke damage causes big problems with your indoor air quality. Hazardous and toxic fumes are given off, depending on what was burning and the smoke odor can penetrate virtually every material. The Full Service Property Restoration team will clean smoke, soot, and dust from the air and ensure that your air is safe to breathe. Odor removal will restore the air back to healthy conditions. They have a tried and true technique in order to make this happen, which includes the following:

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There is enough stress and emotion related to a fire, and getting your home or business back in good working order should not add to the pile. The Full Service Property Restoration team will make your fire damage restoration a priority with our skilled technicians and knowledgeable team. Our fire restoration professionals will be able to mitigate the damage caused by the fire, as well as possible water damage or removal. Our fire damage cleanup process includes cleaning and restoring your home or business, whether by painting, rebuilding, cleaning, and sanitizing. And we will restore and take special care of all odors and the indoor air quality so that your family and employees can breathe easily. Call Full Service Property Restoration today and they will take care of all of your fire and smoke damage restoration cleanup needs.

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